Saturday, May 16, 2009

Field Trip--Chester and Far Hills

I really do what I say I do.

Find Gardens to visit on Open Days

Even though I design gardens and landscapes every day for a living, I still love to discover other people's gardens. Today, despite the gloomy forecast, I'm going to take advantage of the Garden Conservancy's Open Days in Morris and Somerset counties. I never know what discovery I'll make or if I'll even like the gardens I visit...usually there's some tidbit that I find interesting or worthy of a quick sketch or photo, but sometimes the gardens are absolutely breathtaking.

The remnants of an Ellen Biddle Shipman garden in Lamington from a previous year's visit


Millie said...

I love to visit public and private "formal" gardens and experience the mood of the different spaces. Just don't have the luxury of going to many--so meantime I can enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing your photos and your insight.

Susan aka Miss. R said...

You're welcome Millie. There's always gardens to visit, plants to trade, ideas to be had...even in your woods and fields. That's where I've learned the most.