Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sports from a non sporty designer

I've been working on a challenging project for the past several weeks--a back yard play space/entertaining space/adult enclosed garden for family with 4 active, sports addicted boys. The owner wants everything to look 'old' as if it's been there for a long time. We'll be using repurposed and refinished architecturally salvaged ironwork through out, dry stacked walls and a still to be determined paving stone--he hates bluestone.

I did a down and dirty color rendering. It's not very high res so the detail gets lost. There's a large patio/pergola area that is connected by a walk from the driveway, a formal(ish) sculpture garden and a huge playing field for the boys.

The great news is that I'm working again instead of just pretending to work...I guess the slump is over.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Working through the slump

Having dealt with the designer's version of writer's block off and on for years, I know that the best way for me is to work through the slump. When I'm in this state I'm easily distracted and it takes a while to find the flow. Too much going on around me all the time and major life changes are not helping the distraction/procrastination levels. Work it, that's the only way through the tunnel.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where have I been?????

I haven't been here, that's for sure. I've been struggling this year with creative angst, a looming empty nest, health issues and life at large. I think I'm coming out the other side now minus a gall bladder, soon to be minus a teenager, and still struggling with the angst. Oh, well. I'll post soon with something much more charming...