Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inspiration and Influence - Garden Visits

An old gate at Greenwood Gardens, Short Hills, NJ on its first Open Days day several years ago.
The gate is no longer there.

Today it's grey and rainy. I'm dreaming of gardens. Yesterday, my 2009 edition of the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Directory came in the mail. Its arrival made me think about how much I have been inspired by seeing gardens. Not only do I visit on Open Days, but the APLD annual design conference also incorporates amazing garden visits. There are some random photos of gardens which I've visited over the years included here. I appologize if some aren't credited to their sources and owners as I rarely write down what I'm photographing as I go along.

The Grotto under the pool at the White Garden in Lewisboro NY, designed by Patrick Chasse

Observing someone else's point of view, details, and planting styles have had a profound effect on my growth as a landscape designer.Over the years I've visited gardens large and small, good and not so good in many countries. All have had some type of impact on my design aesthetic--either as something to aspire to or something to avoid.

Michael Trapp's Garden in Connecticut

When I was first starting out, I focused on all of the amazing plants that I didn't know and dutifully wrote them all down. Now I walk with camera and sketchbook in hand--taking pictures and drawing small details as they strike me. Mostly I snap--sketching takes me too much time!

Robert Irwin's Garden at the Getty Center, Malibu, California

I actually try not to analyze it too much when I'm there--I try to experience the gardens while I'm in them. Sometimes I'll see something that I don't like and that's just as galvanizing as what I do.

Shape and texture on the California coast near Santa Barbara


Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence said...

Well done Susan and right you are! I learn something from every garden I visit...good and bad. If I can learn just one thing from a book, magazine, tour or talk, its worth it and I'm a happy girl.

Tatyana said...

I like the pictures and most of all the first one! There should be something special behind that gate...

Susan aka Miss. R said...

Tatyana--Thank you for leaving a comment. Because Greenwood is becoming a public place, the area behind the gate that used will be a parking lot. I assume the gate has been stored.

EAL said...

This makes me long to see some of the Open Days gardens. I wish there were more near me.

Chloe West said...

That gate is beyond charming. Too bad its not there anymore... looks like a fairytale illustration. Perhaps that is why we love gardens so much.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.