Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring's Slow March

No pun intended in the title although after another dose of winter weather this week, those of us on the eastern seaboard might believe it.

Photo by Johann Dreo,via Wikipedia Commons

The coming of this spring's season seems to be interminable. For a landscape designer in a four season climate, the approach of the 'season' is always a crazy mix of anticipation, relief and angst. This year, there is more of each since the economic climate chilled at the same time our traditional outdoor project work season was winding down so there's no real gauge of what might or might not happen.

Just how different will this coming season be? In many ways, winter has been typical. Here and throughout much of the country, it has been a slower time, spent on design and planning, participation in workshops and seminars, and taking a much needed break. It has also been a time to wonder, just how will my design practice be affected by the current 'no spend' consumer climate?

Like each spring before now, I have decided to embrace whatever happens. I will work as hard as I normally do getting ready for the busy, busy, busy time. I will continue to try to improve my client realtions and give them an exceptional experience with their projects. They are the core of my business. That might take a little bit longer, but thankfully, the clock springs ahead a month earlier than it has in the past so I have more daylight to burn. On Sunday I'll have more hours in each day as Spring finally ends its slow march and arrives just as it should.

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