Saturday, March 21, 2009

Showhouse Season V, Issue 5--For the Birds

Many of the architectural details at the Sheep's Run showhouse depict birds, so of course I have to honor that. The birds on the grill work shown below are typical of these formal early twentieth century details. They have been restored for the showhouse--some are black wrought iron and some have been re-gilded.

Turkey Detail on balcony

Peacock Window Grill prior to restoration

As the design for the garden has been revised and has continued to evolve, I've become increasingly interested in juxtaposing rustic elements typical of a farm setting within the confines of a formal garden. Originally I wanted a small fountain as the secondary axial focal point, but since that was nixed, I had to explore other ideas. A bird bath--too small, a sun dial--too mundane, an armilary--not appropriate for the rustic quality I wanted for the details of the space.

I wanted a bird. So I turned to Steven Snyder, a stone sculptor from Bucks County whose work I have used and recommended to clients before. Steven very graciously offered to lend one of his sculptures. Although he creates many other things, I love Steven's birds. Shown below, the middle bird still in the studio, worked in terms of height and color, so it will be the new focal point.

Birds in Steven Snyder's studio


EAL said...

That's a nice piece! You should buy it for yourself after its run at the show house.

Susan aka Miss. R said...

Isn't it great? I wish I could afford to keep it, but alas I've always joked that I can't afford myself!

Charlie McPoyle said...

These are great pieces off art. I'm not going to lie, these art forms add a different element to the garden. I'm a huge fan of iron pieces of art.