Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I Write This.

Yesterday I recorded a podcast about blogging with landscape designers and bloggers Chris Heiler and Rochelle Greayer who writes the wonderful landscape design blog StudioG.

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That discussion made me think again about why I write this blog. I don't follow the rules that most bloggers tell you to follow--I don't write for an audience. Yes, Miss R does fit into a larger grand plan, but it's not a commercial one. I write for me--Miss R is a way for me to quietly explore thoughts and ideas via the written word. I don't interact with others as I do on Twitter or Facebook or even via email--I just write about whatever I'm thinking about--or that interests me at the moment--but always as it relates to my life and work as a designer.

There is a long and varied tradition of artists and designers who write. I've always read artist's words in letters, journals, on canvases in or in books. I look at Miss R as a companion piece to the rest of my life as a designer--another form of expression. I'm honored that anyone wants to read what I write and that these words have value to others--but I'm not trying to create value or give advice. So, I'll continue to selfishly explore my own thoughts here, but I also want thank you for reading and secretly hope that you'll continue to do so.


Alice Joyce said...

Dear Miss Rumphius, thank you for sharing your thoughts about blogging. Yesterday I saw a new play by a local playwright, and I can see an analogy. We find myriad ways of expressing ourselves, and it's a good thing. Each of us at any given point in time using various avenues to reach out and connect.

Garden Chick said...

You go girl! Right on the money! I write whatever I want about whatever I want. My thoughts, my life, my interests. Self-expression is what a blog is about. The author's expression. If people don't like it, they do not have to read it :)

Leona Gaita said...

Keep right on thinking out loud. We love it!

steve said...

Blogging gives a chance to write in a different and totally individual universe. You still bounce off real people in real time but you can indulge, sin away or just be contrary by your own design. A friend of mine now blogs his thoughts while undergoing what he calls "big changes". He is totally grateful I turned him on to blogging and he actually has things to say. He always did, of course, but this makes more sense to him, to see it written. Thinking out loud can rock.