Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Showhouse Season V, Issue 4, The State of Things

There was a big pow-wow between all of the landscape designers, contractors, and showhouse committee members today. I made some short videos of the garden space to share here. I have to make some design changes to create appropriate transitions from my space to the two adjacent ones...they aren't making the changes...I am. I try to be a team player. Enjoy my bad videography.

Notice the portapotty, cherry picker and gravel that have been stored in the space. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll re-name it the Johnny on the Spot garden!

The view out shows the new poolhouse and greenhouse which are still under construction. Major money is being spent to make sure it all looks as if it's always been there. I'll get some better images later.

This last one is really short and a bit mysterious because I could discuss the issues and film at the same time! We were trying to figure out how to make the new transitions work.

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