Friday, April 3, 2009

Was it the Disco Ball?

via stock.xchg

A short while back, I was looking for a spherical ornament for a garden I was designing for a client. It probably has to do with my long past nights of dancing under a disco ball till dawn, but I have an affinity for spheres--a perfect shape that echos the earth's own.

Alliums in bloom (via stock.exchg)

I often use Alliums as part of a planting plan for because of the spherical blooms. I have also used gazing balls, carved stone orbs and lit night orbs. Below are just a few of the spheres that I like.

A rusted wire orb in Bunny William's garden in Connecticut

An armillary from David Harber in the UK

'Soap Bubble' gazing balls in my first flower show garden

Limestone spheres from Garden Artisans

Aluminum garden sphere from Ore

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