Monday, April 20, 2009

Showhouse Season V, Issue 7, Rain

Here's a laundry list (with today's progress) of most of what has to be done this week and it's going to rain until Thursday. ARGH!
  • Irrigation intstallation
  • Lighting installation (outlet installed today via electrician)
  • Pick up and deliver containers (done today I think, one is in my garage so I can stage it here)
  • Choose container plants and purchase (some was done today)
  • Turf delivery and installation (delivery Wednesday)
  • Mulch garden beds
  • Plant 300 annuals and 1000 groundcover plants
  • Prune boxwoods into hedges
  • Pick up and deliver sculpture from PA
  • Install sculpture
  • Pick up and deliver table and chairs from Western NJ
  • Install stanchion for info
  • Work with graphic designer to make stanchion insert
  • Deliver business cards and postcards to site
  • Stage table & primp garden
  • Photograph garden when finished
The majority of this will have to happen Thursday and Friday. Like I've said elsewhere, my head might explode.


Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence said...

Hey Susan,

I'm tired just reading!

Content in a Cottage said... have more to do my Thursday than I will get done all summer. I'm loving this rainy day so I won't have to work outside. Sorry it's putting a damper on your day.

PS...I found you through Twitter. You started following me today and I am following you back. Thanks!

Susan aka Miss. R said...

Thanks for the support. I always get it done even though my stress-o-meter gets into the red zone! More short posts throughout the week.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can do it... Can't wait to see the finished product. They are fortunate to have you. Lynn