Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For the women gardeners in my family, their gardens have been sources of food and beauty, obligation and beauty and peace and beauty. There were once three generations of women who gardened--now only one with a son instead of a daughter.

My mother taught me to find peace and beauty in gardens. She hated to garden but loved the beauty more. I will always thank her for giving me her appreciation of all things beautiful.


Garden Chick said...

It was my paternal grandfather and my dad that gardened and inspired that same love in me. I am the only female entire family who gardens. I have two sons who exhibit no interest currently but who knows the future. There is hope in my family for my boys to carry on the blessing of gardening. One of them is a nature nut, so it holds promise!

Chris Heiler said...

I hope you're doing well Susan.

Take care.

Chris H.