Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Showhouse Season V, Issue 8, Mud & Annuals

I will try and post short bits until we're done--hopefully on Friday. No progress pix today since nothing's really changed since the last ones.

We delivered as many annuals for the containers as my pickup would hold. The staging areas were so muddy that two volunteers had their shoes sucked right off their feet and another sunk in up to her knees.

After dropping off the plants we went to the nursery to get the remaining ones. Here's what's going in the containers...with a few pictures...

  • Deutzia gracillis--I know it's a huge shrub, but a #3 full of buds and about to burst works here
  • Heliotropium arborescens 'Atlantis'--great fragrance also fully budded and ready to bloom
  • Bellis perennis 'Strawberries & Cream'--a punch of color that will tie into the rest of the planting
  • Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'--just because it's pretty
  • Helichrysum petiolare --the grey loose structure and felted leaves create a nice contrast

Tomorrow--rain or shine--we're planting up the containers so I'll take a photo and post tomorrow evening.


Garden Chick said...

Hang in there! Next week, all of this will be a memory :) You are doing great!

anthropossum said...

The 'strawberries and cream' are gorgeous. I have never seen that before! Looking forward to the planted in pics.