Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I always know it's really spring when the hussies of spring bloom. Hawking their wares from curbside, stoop, border, and garden these brightly colored plants can't help their garish adornment--they want us to notice them and come hither.

Screaming yellow forsythia and daffodils...fuchsia, shocking pink and cerise azaleas...tulips and hyacinths of every hue...redbuds all call out and strut their stuff


Eric Gilbey said...

Ahh...the things that entreat us to Spring. It doesn't seem fair that there are so many "early bloomers" compared to the "ever bloomers". The early bloomers can't wait to strut their stuff, while the ever bloomers believe in moderation. Could you imagine the opulence we would live in, if all of the bloomers were "ever-bloomers"?

Jeffrey said...

Daffodils are nice. The purple blends well with orange ones.

Flowering plants are also available at www.givingplants.com and I recently bought one. Its nice! can't wait until it bears flowers. I will take photos from it as well.

I like your blog by the way