Saturday, April 11, 2009

Newbies: Student Projects, Part 1

I've always worked at giving back to whatever design discipline I've worked in by teaching. My philosophy is that I've received so much from others that I need to also pay it forward. I was a resident artist with interns as a jewelry designer, a design school instructor and academic officer (not a good fit btw), and now I teach a small (6 students) landscape design class at a community college near here. I believe in sharing knowledge.

Below are three of my student's first projects. I'll publish the other three next week. None of them had designed a garden or a landscape before this class. Only one has had a graphics class. As first attempts by students, I think their projects are pretty great.

Backyard concept plan by Daniel Siniscalchi

Partial Layout Plan by Alex Kozar with pergola and fountain

Concept Plan by Gleb Denisov

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jshilan said...

Without even looking at the specifics of the designs I think one of the most interesting things is the immediate and obvious individuality of the designs, the graphic styles and the thought processes. Each student is using their innate talent and ideas to create something that they've never done before - a garden. Without getting to "heady" if I haven't already (hey that rhymes) I wish there was some way to always keep this initial purity in design as students develop their technical design skills throughout their careers. Seeing student work is always refreshing and a gentle reminder that there is creativity in everyone. And some of us are fortunate that we can express ourselves through our work.

Great job Daniel, Alex, Gleb and Susan. To the rest of you, hand in your work on time:)