Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Bouquet of Garden Blogs

There are so many garden blogs that it boggles the mind. In my little town, there are three garden blog writers that I know about + Miss R which isn't really about gardening. Sometimes it seems as if there's as many garden blogs as there are gardeners. How do you find a garden blog you want to follow or a writer you'd like to read?

This past winter, when I was exploring Web 2.0 with a vengeance, I met Stuart Robinson (@bussogardener) via Twitter. He was always winding up his day as I was starting mine--he's in Australia--and we had some very lively exchanges.

Stuart is the creator of Blotanical which houses and showcases garden blogs from around the world. He graciously invited Miss R to join--and I did. Spend some time there and you won't believe the diversity of ideas, opinions, advice and gardens you'll find. Thanks, Stuart.

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