Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long ago I lived in Lille...France that is

I have long been fascinated with all things French. I even went so far, years ago, to live there for a while. Not in romantic Paris or sunkissed Aix en Provence, with its fields of lavender, but rainy, industrial Lille. My only garden there was a pot of geraniums on my kitchen balcony to brighten up the grey skyline view.

Even though the photographs evoke the grey that, for me, is unique to northwest France, imagine how thrilled I was to find the work of Frank Lefebvre and his company Blue Nature. Primarily interior, there are outdoor pieces as well. Some designs are modern and clean lined while others are traditional flights of fancy.

Inspiration--This would make a wonderful deer fence for any garden

I just flat out want this...for me or one of my landscape design clients

Using petrified, reclaimed and untreated wood this company, based near Lille, crafts beautiful and evocative pieces that honor and respect the materials they are made from. Isn't this what the best garden design does also?

Clean and crisp--fusing ancient and modern
Just because--again a great inspiration piece

All photographs: BLEU NATURE – Sarl BN HOME Photographers : Didier Knoff and Gilles Piat


Sarah said...

Wow, these are ammmaaaazing! I especially like the fence. While I love the look of the bench, it's stunning, I'm imagining it might poke you in unexpected places while sitting.
Great to live in a world where people make things like this!

Jennifer said...

Yes, the faux bois (or in this case real bois) thing is really big. I love the tables done this way. I saw a beautiful one at Mariani Gardens the other week.

And I have a friend who taught school in Lille last year! That means we're practically related!

Susan aka Miss. R said...

Sarah--I love, love, love the fence and in fact did one like it--although shorter--a few years ago.

Jennifer--Thanks for stopping by! Mariani gardens is incredible. I went there last summer.