Wednesday, March 5, 2008

#7--Ready, Set, Go...Rain

We were ready to deliver the excavator earlier this week and get rocking (pun intended) and the rains came. All of us were scrambling to get other (read paying) work done outside so that the forced time inside could be productive (read billable).

I've been having multiple conversations with Mike Deo the designer from NatureScape Lighting over how to best use the lighting that we're powering up with a solar panel. He ordered some cool bulbs from Taiwan to test and I'm hopeful they'll do the trick. We're trying to decide on some path lights that will work with those same bulbs as the more traditional path lights won't do the trick. I've been looking at some of the stone path lights from Earthstone Studio that might work. I don't want things to look to jumbled up so I'm trying to limit the materials. I'm not 100% sold yet.

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