Monday, March 17, 2008

#16--Greenhouse crawl

Early this morning I went to one of the local production greenhouses to see what he's got growing for spring. This particular place is $1.00 cheaper per gallon pot than anyone else. He's got some specialties--rosemary, sempervivums and sedums in particular. He's not real big on labeling so you have to kind of know what you're looking at. Things get labeled when they're big, so the plug trays aren't necessarily labeled. It's a wild place where you walk in, pull your own order and if everyone is busy you count it up and leave a check. Not many folks do business like this anymore.

Here's two photos of the hens & chicks...It's a lot of motherships and their satellites! I love this tough old fashioned plant.

Notice not a single label anywhere...


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

It's St. Patrick's Day, anyone else is out doing pub crawls, but here I am garden blog surfing intrigued by the title of "Greenhouse Crawl."

Is there something wrong with me?

Susan said...

The 'green' house was green for St. Patrick's Day--hell I even wore a green hoodie for the event!

debinca said...

Going to the wholesalers and choosing the plants is about my favorite part of the process, too bad I cant find a way to do it full time! LOL.

Second favorite, planting them.

Hey Susan, are you in the Sacramento APLD by chance?


debinca said...

OOps, never mind, I have read further and see you are in NJ. Sorry , since you mentioned Michelle, I thought you were a CA girl.

I am glad to find your blog though, haven't been hearing too much from my fav's on the LD forum so I was happy to see the links to blogs, deb

Anthony Jefferies said...

just dropped by to say hello susan I had no idea you were here thanks for letting us know. See my for more verbosity than is normal.
Tony (I hope I don't need to be INKognito over here)