Tuesday, March 4, 2008

#6--Detour--The Girl Who Can't Say NO!

One thing about volunteer projects for a cause...your skill set quickly is evaluated and put to additional good use.

Last Thursday an estate gardener who sometimes plants for me called to say he'd been asked to plant the entry to the showhouse and that the plants were going to be donated. Could I design it for him? This guy has done me many favors in the past so I was delighted to help. He sent over some pictures of the area and I told him I would go and measure it next week. I put the matter aside for a while.

On Friday, as I was getting ready to leave town for an APLD meeting, the landscape chairwoman emails me to ask if I can do an illustration for the journal of the area. She needed it quickly because it was past the actual deadline. So of course, I said yes. The two main features of this area are a stone wall with two driveway pillars, a semi-boarded up carriage house and a HUGE Japanese stone lantern. So, without a plan, here's a photo of the raw space from a slightly different view from the sketch (directly below)...I just can't say no.

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