Thursday, March 13, 2008

#14--Rock Star

The arch was finished today in anticipation of the 'in progress' press junket at the show house tomorrow. Many people were working today trying to get something done for the press to cover. We've been kind of on our own for the past few days and we're the only landscape design group with anything major done. It wasn't really planned, it was just when we could get everyone together to do it.

We also started the secondary stonework but didn't get as far with that.

Here's some photos of our rock stars--the arch and its creator, Dan Lupino.
Adjusting the keystone before dropping it into place
Dan, knocking out the temporary supports as his heart beats faster and faster.
Rock Star!!


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Awesome. Quite the undertaking.

Susan said...

Thanks Jim. One of the beautiful things about doing flower show and show house gardens is that you get to create things outside of the wants and needs of a client. This is the biggest arch Dan's ever attempted. There's a history of large boulder work on the property and in the surrounding area so we wanted to honor that.