Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Days You Just Need to Bloom

It's January, I'm getting tired of the cold, the grey, and the dark. I was having a rotten day when I stopped a client's garden last summer. This combination of clematis and roses we had planted the summer before made my day better then, and its picture makes my day better now. Enjoy.


Deviant Deziner said...

That is definitely a cheerful and uplifting floral composition !
Yes, even here in chilly Northern California the scenery is a bit drab too.
I miss the leaves on the trees and the bright array of colors in the gardens.
Oh well, at least our native landscape is looking beautiful. The hills are green with the small amount of rain that we have received here this winter.
Though not quite enough to starve off a drought and water rationing for this summer.

Enjoyed your colorful floral photo.


Flora said...

Very pretty! Thank you for sharing. That does brighten my day!