Sunday, February 24, 2008

#2--Conceptual Plan

I've shown a conceptual plan of the Rockery below. It doesn't show all of the detail since many of the decisions have to be made on site. Basically, the 60 x 30 pile will be bisected with boulders removed from the middle used to make a third garden. The central area has two tree stumps and some pretty extensive animal burrows. We'll relocate any furry friends to another area of if they're still inhabited.

My friend, Dan Lupino, a dry stone waller extraordinaire, will be building a sculptural stone arch on top of the largest garden. I've also included an illustration (above) of that arch which will also be used on the garden page of the show house journal.

The planting plan and other details are being decided on this week. Another associate, Michael Deo of NatureScape Lighting will be designing and installing a solar powered LED lighting scheme and 12V pond pump. You can see the solar panel in the top right garden--although its position and sized have been modified since this plan was completed.

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