Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Web 2.0 Update-6 Months In

I thought it was time for a quick update on the progress of my Web 2.0 adventures--it's the 6 month mark of my expedition. I've been a member of one social/professional network for longer than 6 months and some others 2 or 3. I've explored some new sites as recently as this week. There are sites/communities I've visited a few times, and others I frequent every day. Some are not working for me and some are. What I do know is every person needs to find the right mix for them--not all sites work for everyone in every situation.

My favorite, by far is still Twitter. It's a fast and furious funhouse of information and conversation. It is also a powerful tool for sharing ideas and reaching people. It suits my busy, random thought processes. I've also started paying more attention to FriendFeed although some of its nuances elude me.

What have I learned? That a real sense of community exists in many of these venues. It's not just me talking to myself. Although because I feed my Twitter Stream to my personal Facebook page it seems that I'm not engaging my friends there and am just randomly posting whatever comes to mind. Throughout all of the sites I've frequented I've reconnected with some people and have met and conversed with new ones with wide ranging interests and knowledge. I've learned to take everything seriously--there's a lot of false information out there too. I've also learned that you have to be genuine. I am still learning the etiquette--yes, there are manners to be displayed--on some sites.

What am I still Wondering? I've become a convert. I am a believer in Social Networking, but it's my traditional slow time of the year - I'm unsure how much I'll be able to keep up when spring really hits in my part of the world. I now know that Web 2.0 has to be front loaded and needs constant feeding to succeed. You can't just have a hit or miss philosophy. My available my time to do that will decrease with the onset of good weather. For now I'm here and present as much as possible with the hopes that the time not spent later won't impact my positive presence too much.

What is the Downside? Other than Twitter addiction? The count is still out on this one. I have strong opinions on things. With the 'transparency' of real and honest Web 2.0 participation I have probably unintentionally insulted sensibilities and have gotten people upset. Others, not used to my randomness probably think I'm a total space cadet. I suppose you could view those reactions that any reaction is at least a reaction.

Well that's it for now, but if you want to join in or follow me, many of the other places I can be found are posted in badges and links to the right--just click one and it will take you to one of the locations on my Web 2.0 adventure--join in the fun!

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Tara Dillard said...

Susan, I find your postings in various places quite helpful. Social networking is a new addition to my template. I dreaded it and have found it, instead, to be fun, & effective.

I was program chair for our APLD chapter a couple of years ago. It's a new chapter. It needed infrastructure work. With other obligations and 20 years of being on plant society boards or president I dropped APLD membership. Will join again when it's more evolved in my area.

Have been using this year's slow season for social networking and also wondering how to keep up with it during busy season.

Have been encouraging HOA's and garden clubs I'm lecturing to this winter to start Facebook & Twitter.

Acquired 4 new blogspot sites to use as links for my business blog. Amazing what can be had for free.

I'm lecturing at the Perennially Yours Symposium in April in Lake Placid. Are you going? Kerry Mendez has produced it for several years with great success.

Would like to connect with you if you're going.