Sunday, December 7, 2008

Further Adventures with Web 2.0 Marketing

As those who read my introduction to this subject on November 23rd already know, I am attempting to use Web 2.0 and social marketing sites as part of the marketing mix my landscape design studio uses.

The rest of the mix includes the website I've had since day one that has been updated every year with one major overhaul last year, participation in the regional show house circuit, past participation in the state Flower & Garden Show (too expensive), direct mailing of picture postcards, a CD portfolio given to every perspective client, and referrals from clients, local garden centers and contractors.

Boy oh boy, I didn't know what I was getting into with the cyber stuff. Not only does it take time, there's a plethora of options out there.

Firstly, I started writing regularly here again. I love to write so I don't count it as work.

I already had a Facebook profile, now I have a company page as well with 4 fans! I managed to create a live feed from this blog to my profile, but I haven't figured out how to get the feed to work on the company page. I posted some portfolio photos in both places and I joined the APLD group on Facebook, since I'm an active member of the association.

I now have a LinkedIn profile with 115 contacts, belong to several landscape design oriented groups including two additional APLD groups on that site. There's a live blog feed from here there also.

Landscapedia has been incredible. They listed this blog, making me a featured designer as well as having one of the funkiest forums around. My profile there has gotten over 450 views in the past week alone. Now you might say that's chicken feed, but its 900+ more eyes who've seen my name and work.

Now to support all of that, I've been working on updating my PowerPoint portfolio to upload to Slide Share and will make a PDF CD version to hand out to potential clients. I created a Flickr account to organize and share my images and registered with Twitter.

If you look a bit down and to the right you'll see links to my LinkedIn profile, Technorati favorite options for this blog, and an option to bookmark it on Do it all to help the cause! It's a good thing it's slowing down because all of this takes time, time, time.


Chris Heiler said...

Hi Susan,

I just imported my contacts in to Twitter and found you. I tried "following you" but not sure if it worked...check and see.

Chris Heiler

VectorJess said...

Hi Susan, Found you on Twitter via Chris H. Hey, you may want to add to your list of Web 2.0 marketing activities, Nice peeps.

Susan said...

Thanks VectorJess. Now I've added Land8Lounge to the mix and its badge at the bottom of the blog. Can I follow you on Twitter?

VectorJess said...

Glad to hear the Land8Lounge connection is a good one for you, Susan. I'm @vectorworks on Twitter. I just love Twitter. I'll follow you back. ;-)