Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bucking against the bluestone standard

The client for the project mentioned in my previous post hates bluestone. Bluestone and brick are the standard for patios in this area and I've not run into anyone who hates it before. This client wants an antique look for his patio and garden. I went to two stone yards yesterday with this in mind to photograph ideas for him to look at. Here are some wonderful solutions. All are locally sourced, very rustic/antique looking and relatively easy to work with. We are going to be using a 4" cobble detail similar to what is shown in the bottom detail through out the project to define lawn areas, stone 'carpets' and lawn markers in the 'playing field'.

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Lynn said...

Susan, any post about stone is a favorite post of mine. And I love a client who chooses something outside of the bluestone norm. I didn't see any id of the first two stone samples above. Did I miss them? Oak Hill granite, and Sky Line stone, both indigenous to New England, are nice alternatives to bluestone, too. My husband, a stonemason, has been the contractor's go-to guy for 23 years at a 130-year-old brick and stone company in NH. Let me know if you'd like any other suggestions, and I'll give you his direct line. Have fun!